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Second world war quotations collection

World War II and Third Reich
"One might say today about what you want: in 1936 Germany was a prosperous, happy country. On his face lay the beams of a woman in love. And the Germans were in love - in love with Hitler ... And they had every reason to be grateful. Hitler had conquered the unemployment and they brought a new economic boom. He had taught the Germans a new consciousness of national strength and its national mission. "
Sefton Delmer, the British chief propagandist during the Second World War in his book "The Germans and I" - Hamburg 1961, p. 288

"I just came back from a visit to Germany ... I have now seen the famous German leader, even the great changes he has caused. Whatever one thinks of his methods - and these are certainly not that of a parliamentary country - can still be no doubt that he was a wonderful change in the minds of men, has caused in their behavior with each other in their social and economic self-representation ... It is not the Germany of the first decade after the World War, the shattered, dejected, depressed, then lived with a feeling of impotence and timidity. It is now full of hope and confidence and a renewed sense of determination to direct self his own life, without the action of any forces outside its borders. The first time in Germany after World War II is generally a sense of security fed by humans. It is a happy Germany. I've seen it everywhere and got to know. "
Lloyd George to his visit to Berchtesgaden with Adolf Hitler in the Daily Express, 17/09/1936

If England should languish once beaten like Germany after World War II, I wished for England a man like Adolf Hitler. "
Winston Churchill, 1938

The unforgivable crime of Germany before the Second World War was an attempt to force its economy from the global trading system extract and create its own exchange system, which could earn the world no longer finance. "
Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby quoted. Were Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next, and Preface to the second: in Edition 2001, originally published 1938th Winston Churchill, The Second World War, Scherz, Munich 1960th Winston Churchill in his "Memoirs”.

At War Breakout

"Not the political lessons of Hitler plunged us into war. The occasion was the success of its growth, building a new economy. The roots of the war, envy, greed and fear! "
Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England (see "The Second World War, Vienna 1950)

We are not in 1939 gone to war to save Germany from Hitler ... the continent from fascism. As in 1914, we are not the less noble reason entered the war, that we are not a German hegemony in Europe could accept. "
Sunday Correspondent, London, 17.9.1989 (see "Frankfurter Allgemeine, 18.09.1989)

"Now we have forced Hitler to war, so that he can not lift more peaceful way a piece of the Versailles Treaty after the other.
Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to Washington, 1939 (see "European Nation", year of birth 1954, Issue 1, p. 46)

"The fear of losing their supremacy, dictated by the British and French government's policy of incitement to war against Germany. The British government proclaimed that the war against Germany was no more and no less than the destruction of Hitlerism 'to the goal. Such a war can be justified in any way. "
The Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov, in a speech on 31/10/1939

"The delayed revision of the Versailles Treaty is drawn into more or less near future Europe back into war, are the culmination of the Bolshevik world revolution"
Gustave Hervé, French politician, 1931 (see Hennig, E. "Contemporary History detection", Munich, 1964, p. 39)
"The most terrible of all wars (WW1) had a peace treaty to follow that is not a treaty of peace, but the continuation of the war. Europe will go through it based on if it does not choose the reason for his advice. "
Anatole France, French poet (cf. Hennig, E., ibid, 38/39)

"I was deeply troubled. The political and economic part (of the Versailles diktat) was riddled with hatred and revenge ... there was created conditions in which Europe never rebuilt or humanity of the peace could be returned. "
Herbert Hoover, U.S. President, 1919 (see Hoover, H., memoirs, Mainz, 1951, p. 413)

"... that the signatories of the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans promised solemnly that they would disarm if Germany goes ahead with disarmament Fourteen years! Germany had long been waiting to carry out this promise ... in the meantime, all countries have increased their military weapons yet ... and even the neighbors money loans granted, which in turn built up huge military organizations close to the borders of Germany. Can we then wonder that the Germans were finally driven to revolution and revolt against this chronic fraud of the great powers is? "
Lloyd George, 29 November 1934 in the House, England's Premier during the war (see, sinner man, H. "The Third Reich", Leoni 1964, p. 37)

"The minorities in Poland are to disappear. The Polish policy is to ensure that they do not disappear just on paper. This policy is driven forward relentlessly and without the least attention of world public opinion on international treaties or the League. Ukraine is now under Polish rule in hell. Of Belarus can say the same with even greater justification. The goal of Polish politics is the disappearance of national minorities, on paper and in reality. "
Manchester Guardian, December 14, 1931

East Prussia is an undoubted German land. This is from my childhood thoughts that are not only required the approval by a referendum. And this is my opinion, you can calm your East Prussia in a public meeting in Königsberg to tell to calm. "The Polish President and Marshal Josef Pilsudski, who in the thirties was killed under mysterious circumstances, to the German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann on Dec 10, 1927


The Polish terror in the Ukraine today is worse than anything in Europe. From the Ukraine has become a country of despair and destruction. What is all the more provocative than the rights of Ukrainians are guaranteed under international law, while the League of all appeals and arguments deaf, and the rest of the world knows nothing about it and not caring. "
Manchester Guardian, October 17, 1930; quotes both by Ulrich Stern "The real culprits in the Second World War"

"On May 2, broke the withdrawn from Korfanty third uprising in Upper Silesia. It started a terrible reign of terror. The killings multiplied. The Germans were tortured, mutilated, tortured to death, their bodies desecrated. Villages and castles were robbed, burned, blown up in the air. In the image in the official publication of the German government exceed 1921 held incidents of cruelty the worst events that one can imagine. "
Prof. Dr. René Martel in his book "Les frontiers de l'Allemagne Orientals"(Paris 1930) on the Polish raids in Upper Silesia in 1921

"The natural border of Poland in the west of the Oder River, the east by the middle and lower Dune ..."The Polish Association of Western brand in 1926 (see Dr. rer. nat. Splittgerber Heinz, "ignorance or infamy?", published by "The Silesian", Recklinghausen, p. 6)

"We are aware that the war between Poland and Germany can not be avoided. We must prepare systematically and energetically to this war. The present generation will see that a new victory is written at Grunwald in the pages of history. But we will beat this Grunwald in the suburbs of Berlin. Our ideal is to round off with borders Poland on the Oder in the west and in the Lausitz Neisse and incorporate Pregel of Prussia to the Spree. In this war, no prisoners are taken; there will be no room for humanitarian feelings. "
The censored and the Polish military dictatorship to related Journal Mosarstwowiecz 1930, three years before Hitler came to power:

"We are ready to conclude a pact with the devil if he helps us in the fight against Hitler. Hear her, against Germany, not only against Hitler. The German blood will be shed in an upcoming war in such flows, as has been seen before since the creation of the world. "
The Warsaw newspaper Depesza "dated 20 August 1939

"The Poles have lost the last sense of measure and size. Any foreigner, seen in Poland, the new maps on which a large part of Germany to the vicinity of Berlin, on Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Russia into a huge part of the very rich imagination of Poles are already annexed, must think that Poland become a huge mental hospital is. "
See Ward Herman’s, Flemish writer, 08/03/1939, at Lenz, F., No more Munich, Heidelberg, 1965, Vol I, p. 207

"We are ready for any war, even with the strongest enemy ..."
see Polska Zbrojna 25 March 1939 and references therein. At Walled, "Historical Facts", No. 39, p. 16

"Poland wants war with Germany, and Germany, it will not have avoided even if it wanted to."Rydz-Smigly, General Inspector of the Polish Army in a public lecture to Polish officers, summer 1939 (see Dr. Rer. nat. Splittgerber Heinz, "ignorance or infamy?” published by "The Silesian", Recklinghausen, p. 7)

"It will be the Polish army that will invade Germany in the first day of war.”
Declaration by the Polish ambassador in Paris on 15/08/1939 (Freund, M. "World History", III, p. 90)

The point here is that Hitler wanted, unlike Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin; no general war broke out in 1939. "
See Barnes "Blasting of the Historical Blackout, Oxnard, Calif.., 1962

"I will pulverize Germany."
(!) (See E. Reichenberger "against arbitrary power and noise", Graz, 1955, p. 241)

"Our thing is, Germany, the public enemy No. 1, to declare war without mercy."
Bernhard Lecache, President of the World Jewish League, 09/11/1938

"It's our cause to organize the moral and economic blockade of Germany and quarter this nation. ... It's our business to obtain at last a war without mercy"
Lecache, Paris, 18 Novembre 1938 (See Lecache, B. "Le droit de vivre")

"Our Jewish interests demand the final destruction of Germany" W. Jabotinsky, founder of "Irgun Zvai Leumi", January, 1934
(See Walendy, "Historical Facts", No. 15, p. 40)

"Hitler does not want war, but he will be forced to do so, and soon. The last word is as in 1914 in England.
“Zionist Emil Ludwig Cohn, "Annals" (cf. Hennig, supra, p. 137)

"Although Hitler may want to avoid war at the last moment, which can engulf him, he will nevertheless be forced to war"
Zionist Emil Ludwig Cohn in 1938 (see Ludwig Cohn "The New Holy Alliance")

"... I asked Joe Kennedy (U.S. ambassador to London), about his conversations with Roosevelt and N. Chamberlain in 1938. He said Chamberlain's conviction in 1939 was that Britain had nothing in hand, to fence, and that therefore there was no car will go against Hitler in the war ... neither French nor English would have Poland made ​​a reason for war, if they were not constantly goaded by Washington would ... America and World Jewry had driven England into war.
U.S. Defense Secretary J. Forrestal on 27/12/1945 in his diary (The Forrestal Diaries, New York, 1951, p. 121 ff) (Quoted in G. Franz-Willing "war guilt", Rosenheim 1992, p. 112)

We managed to draw the United States into World War II, and if they (the U.S.) do in relation to Palestine and the Jewish forces, what we require, we can get the Jews in the U.S. so far that them, the U.S. also dragged into it this time "(in the 2nd World War)
Weizmann to Churchill, September 1941 (see Lenski, R. "The Holocaust on trial,” samizdat Publ 1993, p. 555 (source David Irving))

"The atrocity propaganda, we have won the war ... And now we begin really to it! We shall continue this atrocity propaganda, we will raise will take up no more a good word from the Germans, until everything will be destroyed, what have they in other countries still had the sympathy, and they will be themselves get so confused that they know not what they do. If that is achieved when they start to soil their own nest and this not grudgingly, but hasty willingness to please the victors, only then the victory is complete. He's never final. The re-education (re-education) needs careful and ceaseless care such as English lawn. Only a moment of carelessness, and the weed breaks, that ineradicable weed of historical truth.
"Sefton Delmer, former UK chief propagandist for the capitulation of 1945 (The propaganda of the Allies is protected by the transition agreement Article 7.1 as obvious fact of 'German' criminal law.) to the German international lawyer Professor Grimm

"What we in the German resistance during the war did not really understand, we have learned subsequently completely: that the war finally not against Hitler but against Germany was conducted.
Eugen Gerstenmaier, President of the Bundestag since 1954, during the war, member of the "Confessing Church” in the "resistance"

"... The last war has proven otherwise clearly than the satanic nature of the moral law ... Every civilization has been broken by the winners.... No lie was too bad to be applied to....
Mahatma Gandhi, "This is Gandhi.” In 1954, Barth-Verlag, Munich

"Hitler and the German people have not wanted the war. We have not responded to the various invocations of Hitler for peace. Now we find that he was right. In place of a cooperation of Germany, which he had offered us is the huge imperialist power of the Soviets. I feel ashamed now to have to see how the same goals that we have assumed Hitler to be prosecuted under a different name.
Sir Hartley Shawcross, the British General Prosecutor in Nuremberg (see Shawcross "Stalin's maneuvers against Germany", Graz, 1963)

"You need to be clear that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism is, but against the force of the German people that they will destroy forever, no matter whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest
"Notification to a representative of the German "resistance” during the war (see Kleist, Peter "And you were there", Heidelberg, 1952, p. 370 and Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill - His Career in War and Peace, p. 145)

"We made Hitler a monster, a devil. Therefore, we could move away after the war no longer like this. While we had mobilized the masses against the devil himself! So we were forced after the war to play in this vicious scenario. We could not possibly explain to our people that the war was really just an economic preventive measure.
"U.S. Secretary of State Baker, 1992 (see Der Spiegel, 13, 1992). Editor's note: a reader has pointed out to us that the quote is not in that mirror output occurs. We are not sure if the quote is genuine.

"The efforts are concentrated on the morale of the enemy civilian population.
"Directive No... 22 / 04.02.1942

"Germany will not be occupied for the purpose of liberation but as a defeated enemy nation ...
"Directive JCS 1067 / 6

"I want peace - and I will do everything to make peace. It is still not too late. And I'll go to the limits of the possible, except as permitted by the victims and dignity of the German nation. I know better than war! But when I think of the loss of German blood - there are always the best, the bravest and victims Ready Estonians, whose task would be to embody the nation to lead~ I did not need me to make war with a name like Churchill. I want to make a name for the folder of the German people, its unity and its habitat back I will enforce the National Socialism to make the environment.
"Adolf Hitler after the French campaign in a conversation with his architect, Professor Hermann Giesler: "Another Hitler ", Page 395

Revealing "secret documents: London rejected peace feelers in 1940. The British War Cabinet under Winston Churchill had in July and August 1940 he returned several of the German side and a neutral party coming 'peace feelers'. This is according to previously secret British Cabinet papers of 1940, which have now been released after the prescribed 30-year ban ...
"Augsburger Allgemeine "of 2 January 1970

"" Secret documents Revealing: London had 1940 "We Germans should bear the truth and then learn when it is convenient for us.
"Heinrich von Brentano
War crimes

"It remains now to find the best way, the most practical and
Quickest way, how can the German people the death penalty be imposed! A massacre and a mass execution must of course be ruled out. They are not only impracticable, where they are to be applied to a population of about seventy millions, but such methods are incompatible with moral obligations and moral customs of the civilized world. It remains open only one way to keep the world forever rid of the Germans, namely to bring the source to dry up, which produced this war-mongering souls, by preventing the people to propagate his species ever again.
"President of the American Peace Association and American Jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman 1941

"I assume that it is clear that the goal is residential, not shipyards and aircraft factories.
"Directive to the British Chief of Air Staff "/ 02.05.1942
"Our main goal is the destruction of so many Germans as possible. I expect the destruction of every German west of the Rhine and within the area that we attack.
“General Eisenhower at the beginning of the Roer-attack

"The Czechs have a thousand times less and the Poles suffered a hundred times less compared to what they have done in the last two generations the Germans.
"Prof. David L. Hoggan, American historian

"If the Germans had such a great injustice is being done, but always found an obscure German professor who fiddles around for so long about the objectivity, until he has proved that the Germans have done wrong."
Baroness de Stael (De l'Allemagne ")

"We have made ​​no prisoners. If someone has shown, we have apportioned it.
Harold Baumgarten, a former Allied soldier, on the conduct of Allied troops landing in Normandy 06th June 1944. Heard in the ZDF documentary "The Liberation"(Part 1) on 11/05/2004

German soldiers "The Germans are without question the most wonderful soldier.
"Field Marshal Lord Alan Brooke, Chief of the British General Staff

"The young soldiers were trained Hitler's first class and motivated; they have kept our troops everywhere fool
"Winston Churchill

"If you travel after the war by the liberated countries, one could hear the praise of the German soldiers everywhere and too often little friendly observations on the behavior of the liberation forces."
Basil Liddell Hart, British military historian

"A 19th Century was only an ethical construction of a large scale. The Prussian officer corps”
Nicolás Gómez Dávila, 1913-1994, "solitudes - Voting and text in one,” Vienna 1987, p

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