Montag, 11. April 2011

Libya Revolt - Gaddafi Real face!

I write out of experience and self Identified 1972-1983 and followed with interest the link in Tripoli.
M. Gaddafi is a simple officer
He Was much Fascinated
 of the Gammal-Nasser in Cairo and tried to imitate or to be as such.
An idealist of no idea of ​​any art of diplomacy or political backgrounds!
Nasser and the words was Surprise of Gaddafi Coup. Gaddafi need at that time much of diplomacy attitude, The Egyptians were the only help at Gaddafi start phase of power... after the Coup against Sanusi- Moonachie in Libya. And present Gaddafi to the 10 neutral Stats setting of that time etc ...
What is described here above in the main article; only for the initial phase (first 10 years) of the Gaddafi Regime can Be Situation Conform., at that Time Gaddafi Done much changing with help of eastern counties at that time to build Health service and Housing for the poor and Provide E. Power and Water. Roads, etc...  Around the country! In Libya!

The eccentric Gaddafi Slowly but surely, the Will to Become Great delusion, and it made many dangerous mistakes.
(As he wanted to have revenge from the West by its secret service;
Baying Friendship in Africa with Libyan Oil’s! Also the ware in Chad and then against France experienced the first military defeat.
Gaddafi wrote the green Book, a kind of third alternative to communism and the capital, his new Govern sys. Theory tries to run it without any success...
Since he always gave orders and did not allow contradiction later. Kind of Madness risen head as if he the father of all Arabs and Africans,
His speeches Reference of the new Arab Tunis than Libya revolt Out of disturbed Mind, as such power man ordered to look each corner to find any one against him as free bill to kill. What he said and done passing the red line were only coming out of Destructions Madness.
The M. El Gaddafi of Today not able to Calculate the result of such war against his own peoples.

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