Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

The realty of Jordan as Artificially Structure

The realty of Trans-Jordan as Artificially Structure Created Attentively as Buffer Zone against Syria Cutout of Syrians Desert  Plan go Approx. 1889 Plant by the Zionist to Protects the feature  Zionists state. (As its now really do exists)
Boarder Draw 1922 by England!
Empty Desert Used for deported foreign refugees such as Armenia and Cherkessien people as well for the Hashemite prince or Sheik Abdullah Hashemite Clan after loosing the power against the  Wahabi-Saudi’s Clan in Mecca! Only some of poor Bedouins as fit as in the Syrian Desert living time wise there! (Now Jordan),

There are (for large crowd) No Efficient water sources.

Jordan as Stats; Was and will be never be Regulars Norm Stats witch can be Stats witch can be able to exist in Normal but will be sooner may later, as ever for eternity since created depend on financially payments and funds from England, America and the west power if funds stop Jordan is Incapable of living!

 For now Jordan served American Interests and it’s important as its Strategy location in the terrible middle of the disaster beside Israel and the other Arab Stats Israel and as Military Base to near Iraq. To Control the Middle East!

Jordan Never has own Culture or History as Arabs. It was only Station for By Traveler to Mecca…..
Residents of Jordan have no common culture or history. Which are a hybrid and mixed that can never be a really capable to Develop a nation.

90% the people of Jordan today life without any kind of real Perspectives of respective feature of normal life respectively, without Hope! Only persons employed live wait and wait and wonder what might get as Tomorrow may brings?
Almost 35% of the age of 30 finds No jobs.
As can exist in Jordan No Industries or Agriculture Land that Trans Jordan over 94% deserts. Without regular Rain Acet. For lack of Water, Trainings Educations, and without Commodities!
Only certain of People can live in respected good life. These are depends of the Royal family, Corruptions, friends, or how ever Serve the system and there’s follower.

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