Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Mubarak Hold TV 17min. Speech

Friday 11/2/2011 bbk.  04:30
Few Minutes ago Hussein Mubarak Hold TV 17min. Speech (Out of 100% Contradicts reality Info’s (some how Psycho effected).
That He Lessen to the youth but He will stay as president to the end
His President End phase….

Result: we know nothing.

Some thing wrong behinds doors goings on!
I didn’t trust Friendly American Attitude, Knowing both, only interested on US Israel Middle East Agenda. As Usual there is Still Basket of Tricks in background!
Reminder; Omar Suleiman and the Military controlled by US Fevers Tontawi. Both Acting since long time as CIA/Mossad Agents!
 With nervousness over Egypt dominating the foreign policy of Israel and the US, Ehud Barak, Israel's Defence minister on Wednesday met with Obama's key national security aides.
Now that the Mubarak regime is under the threat of collapse, Israel fears that its 1979 peace treaty with Egypt could be in jeopardy.
In a statement, the White House said Barak, in his meetings with top Obama officials, discussed the (latest developments in Egypt, the need to move forward on Middle East peace Israel (not Really Interested).
But the statement gave no further details.
Along with the US, Egypt was a key interlocutor between Israel and the Palestinians in the last round of the US-sponsored peace process, which stalled after Israel, resumed building illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.
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