Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Mankind Moral

The psychology of nature, mankind, as its totally pointless existence of life Man compensates -Increased the quest for Power & unlimited Shellfishes by Nature species without understanding or connection to any kind of morality.
Moral was in Total Absents or nonexistence in genetics structure of living organisms!
Not required
not needed at wild Evolutions phase development! - As it pursues other species of human to his only shot of nihilistic properties without any kind of degree, unable to understand such things without a judge or to Differentiate between May and not allowed! (Until now)!

Back then, all what we know today as so-We claim called Moral, Not required were not Existence. as
The evolutionary development later, the man slowly With Tool brain and living as group-member resulted of practical reason with the community use and need has gradually forced to some Order behave witch can explain symbolic if its Build in Moral switches expropriated as part before switch from such (Behave)or morality has it slowly to the need for such further expropriated, and by generation or evolution of man reached the morale switch, which is later in the order jointly established laws and as described as orderly conduct Standards.

This inhibition morale-breakers are always there and could of human nature is not properly integrate genes in order to participate in human genes.
To such a man, consciously or unconsciously switch controllers.
Until Fexed Stats Order Lows Invented by
the Empera Confucius. of China and in The Low Invenrer Hammurabis in Babylon Long before Religions

Witch olso
Later Man kind a Good invented! To Strength the Moral-orderd lows as it’s under the name of miighty God.having the force of Punishment of Hill!

Relative all our morale today as a State policy has established.

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